Which water tank is best for your farm?

Your farm uses a lot of water. You need it for irrigation, for running your equipment and many other purposes, but where is that water going to come from? Your fields are probably located a long way from any mains water supply so the only way to store what you need is to use farm water tanks. Choosing the right water tank is important as it will be a major purchase and if you make the wrong choice and end up with a tank that stores the wrong type of water, or lacks sufficient capacity for your need then your business is going to suffer. [Read More]

Answering a Few Questions About Water Storage Tanks

Having a water storage tank on your property can result in a noticeable decrease in your home's water bills as you can use collected rainwater for watering your lawn or garden and install plumbing from a water tank to the home for flushing toilets. You can also add purifiers or filters to a plumbing system so that the rainwater you collect is cleaned and ready for drinking, cooking and showering. If you're thinking of getting a rainwater storage tank for your property, note a few questions you might have about their use and about storing water in general so you can learn if this is a good choice for you. [Read More]

Choosing The Right Scissor Lift For Use In Your Furniture Warehouse

Scissor lifts are some of the most versatile, practical and reliable pieces of heavy lifting equipment available today, and are particularly widely used in a variety of warehousing applications due to their ability to lift cargo and workers simultaneously. They are especially useful when it comes to running a furniture warehouse, as they possess the strength, stability and large loading platforms required to lift and lower bulky, unbalanced pieces of furniture like beds and sofas. [Read More]

Piping Hot: The Advantages of Choosing Welded Pipe Joints for Your Industrial Hot Water System

Industrial hot water systems are vital pieces of equipment for a wide variety of industries, from bottling plants to paper manufacturers, and any industrial hot water system needs a robust, well-designed piping array to funnel the heated water to where it is needed. As you can imagine, pipes that routinely channel high quantities of boiling hot water are placed under an enormous amount of strain, and the joints that hold individual sections of piping together need to be capable of withstanding this brutal punishment. [Read More]