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Things to Know About Car Lifts for Your Commercial Building

Having a high-rise building in a city is one of the best investments you can make in an urban setting. Such investments often come with the promise of good rental income, considering the many corporates that would be willing to lease office space from you. However, the catch is to offer exceptional services that will make your clients enjoy value for their money.

Proper management of vehicular traffic is crucial for ensuring that your customers can access the building within the shortest time possible. Don't let them waste time in long queues as they manoeuvre towards their designated parking slots. Certainly, you can achieve this by installing car elevators in your commercial building.

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The Types of Car Lifts Available

Learning about the different car lifts available is essential for making the right purchase decision. You shouldn't waste your money on a car lift that doesn't meet your needs, let alone using up your resources without reciprocating its value. On that note, two types of car lifts include:

  • Traction mechanism car elevatorsTraction mechanism elevators are a popular system used to run car lifts.  Their main components include ropes or cables, counterweights, motors and pulleys. Advanced models may come with gears installed between the pulley and the motor.  Moreover, the system also comes with running machinery installed in a separate room.
  • Hydraulic mechanism car elevators: Just as their name suggests, hydraulic car elevators rely on hydraulic equipment with pistons and hydraulic fluids. The working principle features a pump that pushes oil through the cylinders to facilitate movement upwards and downwards. When the elevator moves down, the valve opens to release the hydraulic oil and flow back to the reservoir. 

Features of a Good Car Lift

A good car lift will go a long way in making your life easy. Moreover, it helps to look for features that will make your car elevator stand out and suit your needs. First, go for a car elevator that you can customise to guarantee fast exit and entry. It should also offer safe operation with minimal vibration and noise. Hydraulic mechanism elevators are ideal in such cases because they have no motors that can be notorious for generating noise.

Also, go for an elevator with a significant carrying capacity range. Usually, an elevator with a carrying capacity ranging between two to four tonnes will be adequate for passenger cars and utility vehicles. You can go higher than that if you allow medium-sized trucks to access the lifts.