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4 Essential Factors to Consider Before Hiring Scissor Lifts

Scissor lifts can either be pneumatic, hydraulic, or mechanical. They are more popular than scaffoldings because of their cost and time-saving properties. Renting a scissor lift comes with many benefits when working on logistical or construction projects.

However, you must select the right scissor lift to achieve efficiency and optimal results. Continue reading this post for four essential factors you must consider to find the perfect scissor lift for your project. 

The Weight Capacity

When looking for the right scissor lift, it's vital to determine the cumulative weight your lift can handle. Overlooking this aspect can lead to unpropitious outcomes. For example, choosing a low-capacity lift may result in delays, while a full-capacity lift may attract higher rental fees. 

Therefore, it's always vital to determine the right weight capacity you'll need to work with before choosing your scissor lift. A good rental company can offer helpful advice on the perfect lift for your project. 

The Location of Your Project

Will you be working indoors or outdoors? Location is crucial in determining the type of scissor lift that's appropriate for your project. For instance, consider choosing low-level, electrically powered, or pallet scissor lifts when working indoors. 

However, when working outdoors, consider high-level, tough terrain and high-emission scissor lifts. Places such as warehouses will require indoor lifts, while construction sites can benefit more from robust and high range scissor lifts. 

The Project's Height

When hiring scissor lifts, you must pay attention to your project's height. How high must you reach while working? You may need this equipment to renovate a warehouse ceiling, deliver construction materials on upper floors or clean high windows. It will thus be wise to hire rough terrain scissor lifts when working at great heights for their impressive reach. 

Mobile or Stationary Scissor Lifts

Scissor lifts can either be stationary or mobile. Fixed types help in different tasks, including lifting workers or construction materials up or down the site. Portable scissor lifts are ideal in industrial or warehouse environments. 

The location's terrain will also be crucial in selecting the right tyres if you are hiring a mobile scissor lift. For instance, scissor lifts on a construction site require large and rough tires, while those in warehouses will need smaller and smoother tyres. 


Scissor lifts are vital pieces of equipment that will not only help speed up your construction project but also offer safety and save you more money. When you need to hire this equipment for your next project, consider the four factors discussed above to find the ideal one. Contact a company that offers scissor lift hire for more information.