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Exciting Features You Can Expect to See in Scissor Lifts for 2019

Scissor lifts provide reliable work platforms at many different heights. Any construction project will rely on these machines to navigate tight spaces and carry out targeted functions.

In a world where technology evolves at a rapid pace, you can expect to see many exciting features in scissor lifts this year and beyond. Manufacturers are producing innovative machines that will elevate the efficiency of your worksite.

Here's what you can expect to see in scissor lifts for 2019 and beyond.

Fully electric machines

The construction industry is under heavy pressure to embrace the green movement. Environmentally friendly machines are becoming the new trend, and customers desire greener buildings that don't affect the environment. In line with this pattern, modern scissor lifts consist of a fully electric design that produces zero emissions.

Using electricity means that the machine can achieve longer running times while relying minimally on oils and other limited resources. Electric scissor lifts are also energy efficient and cost much less to operate.  

Longer running times

With the shift to harnessing electricity as the primary power source for scissor lifts, you can also expect longer operating times with minimal downtime for maintenance. The clean electric engine features a highly efficient battery that holds a charge for hours on end.

Therefore, your workers can complete a project without worrying about the machine being charged. These electric machines are also simpler in design and have fewer moving parts that can break down.  

Higher capacity for the working platform

In the past, scissor lifts were limited by how much weight they could hold. Smaller work platforms meant that you would have purchased a bigger machine or use a different approach altogether. But with modern designs, you can sustain more weight within a smaller platform.

Some scissor lifts also come with dual capacity carriers that can hold more workers/tools at a time. This means getting more work done faster.  

Innovative wheel design

To make 2019 scissor lifts even more versatile, manufacturers have revamped the wheels to include many new features. For example, the wheels now come with thicker treading and pothole resistant features. This makes it easier for operators to navigate multiple terrains and maintain a stable working platform.

In particular, the tyres have better traction for wet and slippery surfaces. Whether working outdoors or indoors, these new wheels will significantly boost productivity. Your workers will also reman productive during multiple seasons of the year.