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3 Reasons to Consider Pallet Delivery for Your Large Pallet Project

You have probably seen the many wood pallet projects available online and in home improvement stores. What you may have noticed is the amount of larger projects that are showing up. Projects ranging from garden sheds made of wood pallets to patio decks. If you have a large pallet project you are planning, here are three reasons to consider using a pallet delivery service.

Pre-Treated Options

A pallet delivery service offers more than just the transport of your pallet order. They can give you options that other services may not be able to offer. For example, a pallet delivery service can offer you pre-treated options. This can save you a large amount of time on your project and insure that the wood is treated for pests and weather resistance. You can also order specifically treated wood. For example, you may want wood pallets that are treated for weather, fire and pests. You can make that arrangement with your pallet delivery service to ensure every pallet is ready to place.

Specific Sizes

You may find that larger pallets are harder to come by in free and discounted varieties near you. In fact, most of the wood pallets you can find near you will likely be a traditional size which may mean you need more to complete the project you have in mind. If you use a pallet delivery service, you can order specific sizes of pallets to fit your needs. For example, if you are working on a fence you may need a smaller pallet for the gate and larger pallets for the fencing panels. You can order these sizes to ensure you don't have to make special cuts or use odd shaped pallets for your project that could throw the project specs off.

One Time  Delivery

When you are handling the pick-up of the pallets yourself, you may not be able to get all the pallets you need in one trip. You may have to do a piece at a time of the project or store the pallets until you get the number you need. Instead of doing this, you can use the wood pallet delivery service. They can get the number of pallets you need delivered to you in a one time delivery. This means you can start your project right away rather than waiting and risking damage to stored pallets.

If you are ready to get started on the project, make your notes about the number and sizes of pallets you need. Contact your local pallet delivery service with ISPM15 stamped wood pallets. The service can help you place the order, arrange for delivery and answer questions you have.